Madoch Centre and Covid-19

The Madoch Centre currently still has staff on-site and will try and provide as much support as possible over the weeks of self-isolating. 

We are following advice from the Scottish and UK governments, and encourage you to read their advice here:

What we will offer:

  • Distribution of essentials via community transport and symptom-free drivers – if you have run out of anything please let us know and we can get them for you.
  • We will also deliver essentials and items from the community larder locally on foot or by bike.
  • We will have phone lines open from 9.30 am until 4.30pm – 01738-861023, 01738-310412 – we are happy to receive calls or to just chat.
  • Café Connect can deliver soup lunch and others café items.
  • A community larder is available at the centre container  – well stocked with tins, fresh vegetables, eggs, toilet rolls, pasta, rice, pet food etc.  Please make use of this for you and your neighbours.  Please pick up food for your older or “higher risk” neighbours.